Morning Schedule (Tuesday July 4th, 2017)

7:45am           33nd annual Whiskey Rebellion 5K (click here to sign up)

9am          The Canonsburg Police Department will shut down traffic in and out of Canonsburg. Traffice  will  reopen at the end of the Parade.    

9:00am           Ringing of church bells to signal opening of ceremonies

9:05am           Remarks at reviewing stand by Mayor David Rhome and Chairman Bill Brooks

10:00am         Parade begins at Cavasina Dr. (near Walgreens) & proceed westward onto Pike Street ending at Bluff Street (MC Bobby Shawn).  Special Guest: Meteorologist Kristin Emery of KDKA TV (click here for bio)

This years parade is dedicated to all first responders.  The parade will be in Memory of fallen officer Scott Bashioum.   The parade will also be in Honor of officer Jim Saieva and the Canonsburg Police Department.